Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Wat Phra Doi Suthep -Chiang Mai-

first and probably last update from amazing Thailand! The land of smile indeed and of genuine kindness.
I am now at my last beach stop before taking off again to Europe. Of course I don't fancy coming back AT ALL!!
Except for the fact that all you dears are there, back home. Even if I am questioning myself about the meaning of the word home.
Maybe this one? Bungalow at Mama's Ko Chang -Ranong-

Anyway, enough about philosophical retrothinking this country is just great. Even if there are a lot if farang, way too many in the main tourist attractions like khaolak, where you could only hear German speakers. Did not really like that, as a traveller I enjoy more the local culture than the imported one, but It is a fact that tourism takes over anything. When taking a bamboo canoe tour in the middle of the jungle, at least I thought so, I saw two ladies getting into the riverto provide the thirsty tourists with a chang, singh or coke. I could not believe my eyes...
Tourism can make wonders even bring solar panels to the little ko chang, not the tourist one, and provide a few hours of artificial light to the many bungalows scattered on the island.
I have visited just a couple of islands, and I have to say that Similan are by far the best, and the closest to our notion of paradise. Especially for divers. The islands part of a stunning marine national park, are open only 6 months a year.
Similan Islands Island no 4

Next to these my favourite bit of this holiday was Chiang Mai. Where I manage to meet some two friends from A'dam, the craziest classmates at tmc massage school (Laura thanx for the hint!) and some original buddy travellers :))
Some of my classmates at TMC level I Chiang Mai

So after leaving this little paradise I will make the last stop to crazy Bangkok, pay a visit to the JJ market and jump on the plane.
One thing is for sure: I will come back here to do some other massage courses, padi certification, and volounteer in the elephant national park close to chiang mai, a place where elephant are treated with the respect they deserve.

Meet the family:

That's all for now from this heaven.